Language Packs of Wise PC 1stAid

Language Contributor Download
Arabic Givara wan Download
Arabic(Iraq) Shakir Alkhaldy Download
Belarusian MiHLitvin Download
Bengali Chirantan Mitra Download
Bulgarian Иван Караджов Download
Catalan(Spain) Joan Queralt Download
Chinese(Simplified) Jack & Ivan Download
Chinese(Traditional) Danfong Download
Czech Damned Download
Danish Jens Peter Nielsen Download
Dutch(Nederlands) Wim Meijdam Download
English WiseCleaner Download
Estonian Kalju Tetlov Download
Finnish penaV Download
French Pierre le Lidgeu Download
German DJ Danby & Matthias Kempter & Hartmut Hoyer Download
Greek Download
Hebrew Avner Download
Hungarian ZityiSoft Download
Italian Rinaldo M. aka Whiteshark & xilolee Download
Korean JaeHyung Lee Download
Polish Andrzej Mazurkiewicz Download
Portuguese(Brazil) Prof. Herbert Spencer & Lucas Macedo Download
Portuguese(Portugal) Luis Neves Download
Romanian Samoca Stefan Mihai Download
Russian Andrey Kravtsov & Aleksandr Kravtsov & A.S. Download
Slovak Fero Fico Download
Slovenian r3Qui3m Download
Spanish Cannie Download
Swedish Mr Göran Malmberg Download
Turkish Özer Özta Download
Ukrainian Роман Бабій Download
Vietnamese Giáp Nam Download
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Help Us Translate and Get A License Key

Our software supports multiple languages; you can read this page to see which languages have been included in our software. If you can help us to translate the materials about our software to your mother tongue, you will get a free license key once your translation is adopted by our editor! For example, you will get a license key of Wise Care 365 after your translation to Wise Care 365 or translations to Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner being adopted.

Important Tips:

  • Please translate text only after symbol " = ".
  • Please do NOT translate "%s", "%d", and "{}".
  • Please do NOT translate "ReadHabit=Left-to-right". If your mother tongue read habit is "Right-to-left", you can change it (but it must be English).
  • Please do NOT Forget to change "LangCode=0C09", you can refer this page to find your mother tongue LangCode value.

  • A Guide to Native translation:

    1. 1, Download and install the WiseCleaner product you want to translate.
    2. 2, Download the translation tool Translator.exe If you want to localize Wise Driver Care, please use this tool - Notepad++
    3. 3, Select the product name you want to translate from "WiseCleaner Product" box. Or, you can click "Open" button to select.
    4. 4, Ignore Source File. When you select a product, it will auto load the English.ini.
    5. 5, Target File: If you have translated it before, please click "Open" to find the target file you want to improve. If you are first time to translate, leave it blank.
    6. 6, Author Info: Please fill in your name and email address.
    7. 7, Translate the words in the following table item by item.
    8. 8, Save the file after translation finished.
    9. 9, Copy and paste the file to your installation directory to check.
    10. 10, Send the copy of it to us by E-mail.