Recover deleted or lost photos from windows 10

Jan 15, 2016

Deleting photos by accident is extremely easy to do, it happened to most of us. You delete a photo and realize you need it back. What will you do next? How to get lost photos back? In this article, I will tell you how to recover your deleted photos from windows 10.

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Photo deleted by mistake? Yes, it is awful to delete a photo by accident! But don’t panic! Wise Data Recovery provides you with a secure and effective methods to recover deleted photos. How does it work? Download Wise Data Recovery, install and run it on your PC. With its help, you can recover the deleted photos in windows 10 right now! In the following steps, I will tell you how to use Wise Data Recovery to get back the deleted photos.

Step 1: First of all, I need to delete one of the photos from the folder named “cartoon” in “local disk D”.

    Step 2: Double check that you can’t find the photo any more here.

      Step 3: Launch Wise Data Recovery, select the disk where you lost the photo and the file type. So we need to choose “Disk D” and “Images”.

        Step 4: Now you can click “scan” to get back your lost photos. After that it will list all the recoverable picture files one by one. And the picture can be previewed before recovery.

          Step 5: Highlight the item you want to get back and click “Recovery”, please don’t save the files to the location where you lost your files, choose another disk and make new folder to save it. So I choose local disk “E” instead of “D” and create a new folder named “Mickey”.

            Step 6: Congrats! You have recovered your deleted photos.

              Step 7: After that you can find your deleted files in the local disk E and the folder named “Mickey”. Really easy, right? Have a try!

                Besides, Wise Data Recovery can also help you to get back deleted documents, videos, emails etc. from your local or removable drives freely. Any now it is totally compatible with Windows 10.

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