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Two 8GB RAMs or One 16GB RAM

Sep 26, 2022

Around the computer, we always have all kinds of questions. For example, many friends want to know what memory is when we talk about computer memory. What will happen if the memory is insufficient? How much memory is enough? Two 8G Memory or a 16G memory, which is better? The following is a question for you to answer these questions.

What is memory?

Memory is one of the important parts of a computer, also known as internal memory and main memory or prime memory. It is used to temporarily store the operation data in the CPU and the data exchanged with external memory such as hard disks. It is the bridge between the external memory and the CPU. All programs in the computer run in the memory. The strength of the memory performance determines the overall running speed of the computer to a certain extent.

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What happens when you run out of memory?

1. When we run multiple programs at the same time, switching between different programs will be very slow. Except for moving the mouse, all operations will be very slow, and even the system will be temporarily unresponsive.

2. Receive a "low memory" or "insufficient memory" alert.

3. Sandbox games are games that take up a lot of memory, and there will be obvious bottlenecks if there is insufficient memory.

You can try to open the Task Manager, and then you will see the memory usage is 100%.

How much memory is enough?

First of all, you must choose the one that suits you. With the rapid iteration of computer configurations, 4GB has gradually withdrawn from the market (after all, the system is nearly 2GB), and 8GB can barely meet the daily work and entertainment needs.

As far as gaming computers are concerned, in the face of sandbox games with strong freedom and many game elements, as well as 3A games with large and well-made scenes, there will be obvious bottlenecks due to insufficient memory, so the 16GB memory capacity has gradually become the mainstream configuration. 32GB of memory has also become the choice of many hardcore players.

If you want to cooperate with a high-performance CPU and graphics card, and not let the memory become the "bottleneck" of the machine, then the memory capacity is preferably 16GB or more.

Which one is better, two 8GB RAM and one 16G RAM?

Significant performance improvement with sufficient memory capacity

Games, photo/video processing clips, complex editing of graphic content, and other tasks that consume memory, increasing the memory allows the computer to run more programs at the same time.

Dual-channel memory has more advantages than single-channel memory

Take the difference between two 8GB memory sticks and one 16G memory stick as an example.


Dual-channel memory is better than single-channel memory. Two 8GB RAM is better than one 16G RAM. If you can, two 16GB RAM is the best.