How to get Wise Folder Hider password back?

Wise Folder Hider Free is a free file/folder hidden tool, you can download and use it free of charge. Since the first version released, we started provide WFH Password Retrieve service for helping careless users to get back their Wise Folder Hider passwords, which includes both login password and second level password.

Wise Folder Hider 4, which is more stable and secure than Wise Folder Hider v1, v2 and v3. (You can learn Wise Folder Hider 4 more by Clicking Here.)

To keep its high security level, we upgraded WFH Password Retrieve service to WFH Password Automatic Reset service for Wise Folder Hider 4 user, and we continue the Retrieve service for Wise Folder Hider v1, v2 and v3 Free version.

If you forgot/lost Wise Folder Hider Free password, you should confirm the Wise Folder Hider version you are using at first.

Wise Folder Hider Free v4

For Wise Folder Hider v4, we provide WFH Password Automatic Reset service, but it is only for Pro user. If you are using the Free version, please follow below steps to reset your Wise Folder Hider password.

Step 1. Please click Upgrade to Pro button to purchase a license key for Pro version.

Step 2. Open your mailbox to check your registration info. Please also check the spam box in case it's wrongly filtered.

Step 3. Run Wise Folder Hider v4.

Step 4. Click Forgot Password button, paste your registration info to activate it.

Step 5. Set up a new password.

Wise Folder Hider Free v1/v2/v3

For Wise Folder Hider v1/v2/v3 user, we strongly recommend you to Update to the latest Wise Folder Hider v4.

We keep providing WFH Password Retrieve service for Wise Folder Hider Free v1/v2/v3 user. As before, As before, passwords Retrieve Service is manual and fee-based. So Transaction ID is must to get your passwords back. (That's to say, we cannot do nothing in restoring your passwords back without the Transaction ID.)

Please follow below steps to get your Wise Folder Hider Free password.

Step 1. Please click this yellow button to purchase WFH password Retrieve Service and remember your Transaction ID (or Receipt Id).

Step 2. Download this tool GetPassword.exe and then run it.
If your Wise Folder Hider version is v1.xx, please download this tool GetPasswordV1.

Step 3. Click "Show my password", and your encrypted passwords will appear.

Step 4. Click "Send to us" to send these messages to our support team with your Transaction ID (or Receipt Id) attached.

(P.S.: If you have no email client, please copy all your messages and send them to manually.)
After we get your email and confirm your Transaction ID, we will decrypt your passwords and send them back to you.