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App Launcher & Switcher for Windows

An easy-to-use program helps you improve the efficiency of using the computer. Quickly start and switch any application, folder or website by using keyboard shortcuts.

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Quick Launch Any Application, Folder & Website

When you use the computer in your daily life, you run certain programs every time. With Wise Hotkey, you can launch these applications by keyboard shortcuts. It saves time to find and mouse click. Not only can you add frequently used applications, but you can also add folders and URLs.

Quick Switch Between Different Applications

Have you ever used Win + Tab and Alt + Tab to switch? Do you feel it works very slowly? With Wise Hotkey, you can switch to the certain application by a single keyboard shortcut.

Customize Your Own Keyboard Shortcut

Wise Hotkey allows you to customize your own shortcut key. You can create shortcut keys for applications according to your own keyboard operation habits.



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