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Do You Need to Invest in a Paid PDF Tool

Nov 4, 2023

In a digital age where information flows seamlessly across screens and devices, the importance of PDF (Portable Document Format) documents cannot be overstated. A stable file format that bolsters productivity and ensures seamless compatibility across different devices, PDF stands out as an exemplary format for efficient file transfers. They serve as the bedrock of sharing, preserving, and presenting content, from business reports to educational materials and much more. 

Nonetheless, when it comes to making modifications or conducting additional operations on a PDF document, challenges can arise. This is where the utility of dedicated professional PDF software becomes evident. While free PDF tools are readily available, the question often arises: Is it truly essential to open your wallet and invest in a paid PDF tool? 

In this discussion, we will delve into the merits and demerits of both free and paid options, letting you make an informed decision about the necessity of paying for a PDF tool.

What do you understand by a PDF Editor Tool?

A PDF editor tool is software designed to manipulate and modify PDF files. These tools enable you to change the content, structure, or appearance of PDF documents. Common features of a PDF editor tool include the capacity to add, edit, or delete text and images, merge or split PDFs, annotate documents with comments or markups, digitally sign PDFs, and convert files to and from other formats. 

With a PDF editor, you can rearrange pages in your existing PDFs simply by dragging and dropping them. This capability extends to merging pages from various PDF files, enabling you to create a cohesive, new document that seamlessly combines content from different sources.

PDF editors are useful for tasks such as editing text, filling out forms, redacting sensitive information, and customizing the layout and design of PDFs. They are essential for professionals, students, and anyone who works with PDF documents and needs to make adjustments or annotations.

Is There Any Value in Investing in a PDF Subscription?

The choice to invest in a PDF tool subscription should align with your specific requirements. Many a time, when seeking a new desktop application, the initial inclination is to search for a no-cost version. However, it is important to recognize that paid programs usually offer numerous advantages that surpass those found in free alternatives. 

These advantages may include:

Choose the Top PDF Editing Solution: Wise PDF Editor

Wise PDF Editor

Wise PDF Editor is a comprehensive PDF file management tool for Windows. The state-of-the-art tool allows you to not only read PDF files for free but also provides efficient solutions for creating, merging, splitting, compressing, and annotating PDF files. It is your ideal and top-notch Windows alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

There are a plethora of reasons why you should opt for this comprehensive tool. 

It is a user-friendly program that encompasses all the essential features for effective PDF file management, with various PDF tools neatly organized under different tabs and a convenient search function for quick tool retrieval. 

The page layout within Wise PDF Editor is thoughtfully designed, resembling popular Microsoft Office applications. This intuitive design ensures that you can easily locate the tools you need to edit your PDF files efficiently.

You can now safeguard your sensitive data and confidential information with the dual protection of user passwords and permission passwords. In addition to this, you have the option to apply watermarks to your documents, further enhancing copyright protection.

Wise PDF Editor streamlines the process of sharing information with your friends. You can simply add your file to an email, Dropbox, or Google Drive, enabling one-click sharing. Alternatively, you can print the document and share it with friends.

Finally, Wise PDF Editor is a lightweight software solution that consumes minimal disk space compared to other PDF software. Its swift download and installation process will not burden your system resources.

Here are some of its most attractive features:

1. PDF Editing: Enjoy a wide range of PDF editing tools, such as creating PDFs from various sources, adding or removing text, links, images, and pages, incorporating themes and backgrounds, as well as selecting, cropping, rotating, or reordering pages.

2. PDF Conversion: This lets you convert files between PDF and various formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, text, HTML, EPUB, CAD, PDF/A, XPS, and markdown. Transform images into JPG, PNG, BMP, and ICO formats, and convert HEIC, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files into images. You can also convert scanned or image-based PDFs into searchable and editable PDFs with OCR.

3. PDF Merging/Splitting: This allows you to combine multiple PDFs into one file and split large PDFs into smaller segments.

4. PDF Compression/Extraction: Reduce PDF file sizes without compromising quality, speeding up file transmission. Wise PDF Editor also offers the capability to shrink images, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Extract specific pages to create individual PDF files.

5. PDF Annotation: Enhance PDF interactivity by annotating with features like highlighting, typewriter, underlining, strikethrough, shapes, notes, and more for effective communication.

6. PDF Reading and Translation: Access text-to-speech reading in 16 different languages, with adjustable volume, speed, and pitch. Perform quick translations between 110 supported languages. Count and search content within PDF documents for enhanced usability.

How to use Wise PDF Editor

Step 1: Install and open Wise PDF Editor, navigate to the upper-left corner, and click the drop-down menu. From the menu, select "Open."

Step 2: Find the PDF file you wish to work on.

Step 3:  After completing your desired edits, save the document as either a Word file or a PDF. In the Save menu, choose the correct document format from the "Save as" dropdown menu and then click OK.


1. Which size is the highest that a PDF can be?

The maximum size of a PDF file is approximately 10 gigabytes. However, it is important to consider that the practical handling of such large PDFs is also dependent on the viewer application's available memory. Managing very large PDF files may require additional considerations to ensure optimal performance and usability. 

2. Is there a fully cost-free PDF editor available?

While there are options to edit and annotate text within PDFs using free versions, a completely free PDF editor with all features unlocked is not readily available. Also, you must keep in mind that free versions often come with limitations, and documents edited using them may include watermarks.

3. Why is there a charge for PDF editing?

The expense of developing and maintaining a PDF editor involves substantial investments in development, quality assurance, and customer support. To recover these expenses and continue enhancing the product, companies often impose fees for access to their software.


So, deciding whether to invest in a paid PDF tool hinges on your specific needs and priorities. While free PDF tools are readily available and serve basic functions, a paid PDF tool offers many advantages, including enhanced features, smoother interfaces, and dedicated customer support. The most valuable features are often unlocked with a subscription, making it a worthwhile investment for those who require advanced capabilities. Ultimately, the choice to pay for a PDF tool depends on the functionality and support you require to effectively manage and manipulate PDF documents to meet your professional or personal needs.