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What is AMD Advantage

Jun 29, 2021

With AMD Advantage™ gamers can achieve a higher level of gaming experience: 100 FPS gaming experience, fast 144Hz+ gaming monitor, fast boot using NVMe storage drive, and 10+ hours of video playback. This chapter will present you with more introduction and features of AMD Advantage™. AMD Advantage

Introduction to AMD Advantage™

The AMD Advantage™ system is designed by AMD for high-performance gaming. If you can’t understand its concept in AMD, then you can compare the status of the EVO platform in Intel. EVO is the certification platform for Intel’s notebooks. Any notebook certified on this platform will not have poor performance in all aspects. Users only need to look for such labels. The difference between them is that EVO is a design specification made by Intel for thin and light laptops, while AMD Advantage is a brand designed for high-performance gaming laptops.

Features of AMD Advantage™

Like Intel EVO, AMD Advantage™ also has strict specifications on the design, configuration, and function aspects of the game. Only products that meet the requirements in all aspects are eligible to be labeled with AMD Advantage. For more details about Intel EVO, please refer to What is Intel EVO Verification

1.Enhanced excellent performance
The AMD Advantage™ brand uses award-winning AMD Ryzen™ processor and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards, allowing users to experience a higher level of speed and responsiveness. With the help of powerful processors and graphics cards, users can also experience high-fidelity games and video streaming to play games with the highest detail.

2.Extremely fast game response
With the unique Radeon Anti-Lag2 and Radeon Boost technology, gamers get a higher response speed and play games faster. The fast loading time of applications and games is greatly reduced. More connected with action than ever before. There is almost no delay from keyboard input to screen.

3.Vibrant visual enjoyment
Using AMD FreeSync™ Premium monitors in all AMD Advantage™ systems makes AMD Advantage™ laptops bright, high-detail, and high-resolution. Gamers can achieve a high-refresh, low-latency, stuttering, and tear-free gaming experience on bright, bright, and responsive displays. The next level of game immersion is extremely strong.

4.AMD Advantage™ is built to game
The AMD Advantage™ system is designed for high-performance gaming. It has an optimized heat dissipation function and optimized limits on the speed and temperature of the fan. This means that no matter how long gamers play, AMD Advantage™ notebooks can stay quiet and cool without overheating. These stylish designs exceed their weight.


AMD Advantage™ notebooks focus on giving gamers the best experience while gaming. It is heat resistant and highly overclockable. Of course, each product has its own characteristics. Relatively speaking, it doesn't pay much attention to appearance design, and it does not frequency conversion. Generally speaking, it is weak in power saving. Intel has frequency conversion technology, multi-threading, and the appearance design is more beautiful, which should be aimed at thin and light notebooks. However, the heat resistance of Intel's EVO notebook is slightly inferior to that of AMD Advantage™ notebooks. Among the many CPU brands, AMD Advantage™ and Intel’s EVO platform are two excellent ones, so which one do you prefer? I suggest that you can make decisions based on your own needs when choosing. If you are a player with higher requirements for the gaming experience, the AMD Advantage™ series must be a very good choice. In addition, Wise Game Booster--- Free Game Speedup Tool can also escort your gaming journey! It can help you close startups, free up memory and adjust the network, so that your PC maintains the best gaming performance.

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