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How to Enable Tab Preview in Microsoft Edge Chromium

Aug 5, 2020

The correct (official) name is Tab Hover Cards, Tab Preview is the name in Edge legacy. Both are the same thing. When you move the mouse pointer to the tab of an opened page, it shows the page title and website URL.

comparison between enabled and disabled tab preview

How to enable Tab Hover Cards in new Edge

Tab Hover Cards is one of the features not enabled by default, but we can enable it on the Experiments.

Step 1, Launch Edge, and type the following command in the address bar.


Step 2, Click the drop-down menu and select Enabled

You will see 3 similar options, Enabled, Enabled B, and Enabled C. The difference is the time it takes for the card to appear after hovering the pointer over the tab, the difference is small. In my test, Enabled B >= Enabled > Enabled C.

enable tab preview

Step 3, Relaunch Edge.

After the restart, when you the mouse pointer on the tab, it will display the page's name and a brief description.