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How to Forget a Saved Wi-Fi Network on Windows 10

Jul 26, 2016

To forget a saved Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to leave the old Control Panel behind and use the new Settings app. The “Manage Wireless Networks” function is no longer available in the Network and Sharing Center.

Launch the Settings app by opening your Start menu and clicking “Settings.”

Select “Network & Internet” in the Settings window.

Select the “Wi-Fi” category and scroll down to the bottom of the list.

Click the “Manage Wi-Fi settings” link.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Manage Wi-Fi Settings link, scrolling past all the options about Microsoft’s Wi-Fi Sense feature. This is the same settings pane that allows you to choose whether or not to share a network with your Facebook, Outlook.com, and Skype contacts.

You’ll see a “Manage known networks” list at the option here. It contains a list of every Wi-Fi network you’ve connected to. To forget a network, click it and click “Forget.”

The next time you connect to a network, you’ll be asked for its passphrase and Windows will set it up from scratch.