Installer Handling

EXE apps usually have installers that return custom codes during installation. The Microsoft Store supports suitable customer facing messages and actions for the custom return codes provided by us.

Scenairo Description Return code value 1 Return code value 2
Installation cancelled by user The install operation was cancelled by the user. 2 5
Application already exists The application already exists on the device. 0 -
Installation already in progress Another installation is already in progress. User needs to complete the installation before proceeding with this install. 10 -
Disk space is full The disk space is full. 30 31
Reboot required A restart is required to complete the install. 21 -
Network failure Provide custom return code values for various network related failures. 41 -
Package rejected during installation Package rejected during installation due to a security policy enabled on the device. 9 -
Installation successful Installation has been successful. 1 -
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