Floating Window

It’s also called floating ball, the floating ball of Wise Care 365 consists of 2 parts, a circular area on the left and a curved area on the right.

Right-click on the floating window can call out the context menu, has 3 options.

1. Left area

The circle on the left shows the memory usage of the system. Click the ball can optimize the memory and release more available memory.

2. Right area

The right side can display the CPU usage and the hardware temperature, which can be customized in Menu -> Settings -> Tray.

Display CPU usage

When the CPU usage is displayed, left-click the area on the right to view the top eight processes with the highest CPU usage, select the process that needs to be closed, and click the speedup button at the top of the window can close the process quickly.

Speedup button is to optimize the memory, not end the running processes.

Display hardware temperature

When the temperature is displayed, left-click the right area to view the temperature of other hardware, such as CPU temperature, graphics card temperature, hard drive temperature, and mainboard temperature. The temperature unit can be modified in Menu -> Settings -> General.

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