Process Monitor

The Process Monitor panel of Wise Care 365 can display the currently running processes of the system, including system processes and user processes.

By default, only user processes are displayed. If you need to display the system processes, you can check the option ⌈ Display system processes ⌋ at the bottom of the window.

You can reorder the listed processes by clicking the title bar, for example, you can sort the processes by process name, location, CPU, memory, and user.

When the mouse pointer moves to the end of the process, a downward arrow will appear , click this arrow can call out the menu: End Process, Detailed Info.

  • End Process
    As its name, this action will end the selected process. The programs associated with this process will also be closed.
  • Detailed Info
    This action will open the Properties window of the executable file of this process.
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