Startup Manager

When the system starts, some software will automatically run, this will slow down the system startup speed. Startup Manager can close these automatically running programs to speed up the system startup speed.

1. Speedup

The Speedup panel divides the programs and services that run automatically at startup into three categories: Recommend Off, Optional Off, Leave as it is.

After selecting the services and programs that need to be closed, click the [ Optimize ] button to disable the selected programs and services from running automatically when the system starts.

  • Recommend off
    The services and programs that will not affect the system after disable.

  • Optional off
    After closing, it may cause that some of the additional functions of the program cannot be run automatically, and need to be run manually. For example, OneDrive. OneDrive will not run automatically when the system starts, and no icon will be displayed in the notification area, nor will it automatically synchronize and update files on the local and OneDrive servers. You need to start OneDrive manually. Therefore, Optional Off means the programs that do not need to run automatically can be closed.

  • Leave as it is
    There is no need to change the current state of services and programs.

2. Startup

It displays the programs and tasks that run automatically when the system starts.

  • Turn ON/OFF

    , It means the program will run automatically when the system starts. Click the button to change the startup type to Disable.
    , It means the program does not run automatically when the system starts. Click the button to change the startup type to Enable.

  • Deletion

    When the mouse pointer stops on the program, there is a delete icon in the upper right corner of the switch button , click this icon to permanently delete this task from the system Startup.

Deletion does not mean to delete this program, but to remove this program from the auto-run list. You cannot use Wise Care 365 or other tools to set this program to run automatically again. Only the reinstallation can add it to the auto-run list again
  • Software Rating

    Click the yellow pentagram can open the rating window. Here, you can view other users' comments about this program, and decide whether to disable automatic running. You can also submit your opinions and ratings, and share them with other users.

3. Services

The Services panel lists all the services that have been installed, including Windows system services and services of third-party programs. By default, it is sorted by Boot Time, or you can click the title bar to reorder. For example, sort by service name (Service Description) or Publisher, etc.

If the text of the Service Description is highlighted, it means that the service is currently running. For example, Windows Search.

If the text of the service description is gray, it means that the service is currently stopped. For example, debugregsvc.

  • Suggestion/Rating

    There are 4 types of suggestions for services: Must be enabled, Leave it as it is, Enable, Disable.

Name Explanation
Must be enabled This service is a core service of the Windows system and cannot be turned off or disabled.
Enable It is recommended to enable this service.
Leave it as it is Keep this service in its current state.
Disable It is recommended to disable this service.
Open the softwre rating window.
  • Hide all Microsoft services
    Wise Care 365 displays all services by default. Tick [ Hide all Microsoft services ] in the upper right corner to display the services that only installed by third-party programs.

  • Turn OFF/ON services
    Click the button behind the service to enable or disable the service to run automatically.

Turn off the service is to change the startup type of the service to Manual, not to disable it. To start the service, you need to restart the system to take effect.
  • Rating

    Take a look at other users' evaluations of this automatic startup service and decide whether to prohibit automatic running. You can also submit your opinions and ratings to share with other users. Only services installed by third-party programs can be rated.

4. Records

The startup items optimization log, what program is optimized at what time. You can click the [ Restore ] button to resume the automatic running of the program or service, or you can click [ One-click Restore ] to undo all optimization.

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