Key Features

  • Free of Charge

Wise Disk Cleaner is a real freeware; it is free to use, free to update and all users can enjoy our free technical support.

  • Fast Speed

After re-construction, Wise Disk Cleaner incorporates a fast search algorithm, so now we can proudly say that our scanning speed is the fastest in the world!

  • Easy to Use

Wise Disk Cleaner has always committed to improve its software functions to free up disk space, and now it's time to make its interface more attractive and more friendly to use, so the new version 9 is released.

  • Secure Deletion

You could add exclusion list to Wise Disk Cleaner. And always we recommend basic clean operation for common users.

  • Powerful Functions

Wise Disk Cleaner allow you to custom filetype/files to delete and folders to empty, even you can erase the deleted data to make it unrecoverable. What's more, it can help you slimming down your system to free up more disk space for your system drive.

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