In Settings window you can change the settings of Wise Disk Cleaner. All settings can be found under these 4 sections: General, Auto Run, Exclusion, Custom.

1. General

This tab has 4 options.

  • Secure deletion (slower)
    If this option has been selected, Wise Disk Cleaner deletes useless files, then overwrite them with 0 bytes files, finally remove these 0 bytes files. So, the deletion will take a little longer than the regular deletion.

  • Show auto clean notice
    If this option has been selected, after running the auto-clean (include Auto Run, Command Line, and Scheduler), Wise Disk Cleaner will prompt the summary of cleaning in the lower right corner of the desktop.

  • Check for updates
    It is used to set the frequency of check updates: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never (Not recommended)

  • Default Language
    You can change software language to your mother tongue.

2. Auto Run (Clean with 1 click)

Here, you can create a Clean with 1 click icon and place this icon on the desktop. You just need to double click this icon can run disk cleaner silently (run in background, without opening Wise Disk Cleaner window.)

If you want to run Advanced Cleaner at the same time, remember to select Include advanced cleaner.

Clean with 1 click is as the same as Command Line mode.

3. Exclusion

All ignored entries from the scanning list will be added to this exclusion list automatically. Of course, you can also click the buttons Add a file, Add a folder, Add a file type, Add Cookies to add the new items.

  • Add a file
    This is easy to understand, add a file to the exclusion list, then Wise Disk Cleaner won't remove this file. It is the same as Ignore this item of the context menu.

  • Add a folder
    It is the same as Add a file, Wise Disk Cleaner won't clear the files in the excluded folder.

  • Add a file type
    Wise Disk Cleaner won't clear files that have the same file extension. For example, if you add *.docx to the exclusion list, Wise Disk Cleaner does not remove Word documents.

  • Add cookies
    If you don't want to clear website cookies, just need to add the domain to the exclusion list. For example,

4. Custom

  • Custom folders to empty
    Wise Disk Cleaner will clean the added folders while running Advanced Cleaner, remove all files in the folder.

  • Customize scanning rule
    Since Wise Disk Cleaner version 8, it supports user to customize scanning rules to clear un-list applications. Click Help Online to learn How to make Wise Disk Cleaner configuration file.

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