From the Menu of Wise Program Uninstaller, the Settings window can be opened.

  • Check for Updates
    After checking this option, every time when you run Wise Program Uninstaller, it will automatically check whether there is a new version released.

  • User Experience Improvement Program
    After checking this option, it means that users agree to send statistical data to the WiseCleaner server, this can improve Wise Program Uninstaller.

  • Display in Context Menu
    Display or not display Uninstall with WPU in the right-click menu.

  • Detect the uninstallation of other uninstaller
    After checking this option, if you uninstall programs by other methods, Wise Program Uninstaller will automatically run and scan the residual items after the uninstallation is completed.

  • Auto backup uninstall residuals
    After checking this option, Wise Program Uninstaller will automatically backup the residual items before deleting. If you use Forced Uninstall or Custom Uninstall, all related files and registry entries will be backed up.

    Click the Browse button can change the storage location of the backup files.

Backup will take up a lot of disk space, it is recommended to regularly clean up the unnecessary backup files. You can delete the backup files in Uninstall History.
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