Language Packs of Wise Toys


Help Us Translate and Get A Free License Key

Our software supports multiple languages, please see this page to see which languages have been included in our software. If you can help us to translate the materials about our software to your mother tongue, you will get a free license key once our editor adopts your translation! For example, you will get a license key for Wise Care 365 after your translation for Wise Care 365 or Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner are adopted.

Important Tips:

  • Please translate text only after symbol  = .
  • Please DO NOT translate %s, %d, and {}.
  • Please do NOT translate ReadHabit=Left-to-right. If your mother tongue read habit is right-to-left, please change it to ReadHabit=Right-to-left in English.
  • Please do NOT Forget to change LangCode=0C09, you can refer this page to find your mother tongue LangCode value.
  • Before sending the file to us, please test it in your system. Paste the translated file to the Languages folder of the program, and run the program to check if the translation is fine.

A Guide to Native translation:

  • Download and install the WiseCleaner product you want to translate.
  • Download the translation tool - Translator.exe
  • Select the product name you want to translate from "WiseCleaner Product" box. Or, you can click "Open" button to select.
  • Source File: You can ignore it. When you select a product, it will auto load the source file English.ini.
  • Target File: If you have translated it before, please click "Open" to find the target file you want to improve. If you are first time to translate, leave it blank.
  • Author Info: Please fill in your name and email address.
  • Translate the words in the following table item by item.
  • Save the file after translation finished.
  • Copy and paste the file to your installation directory to check.
  • Send the copy of it to us by E-mail.


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