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September 3, 2014

How to Add the My Computer Icon on Windows 8.1 Desktop?

Before we begin, please remember that ‘My Computer’ is called as ‘This PC” in Windows 8.1

To begin, simply right click on your desktop background and choose the personalize option to open it’s menu. Over on the top left, click on the Change Desktop Icons option. You will see a new window pop-up, which will display the icons you’re most used to.

You can choose from This PC (a.k.a My Computer), Recycle Bin, Network, and your Documents folder.

Simply click on each icon that you want placed on your desktop. Once you’re done, click OK to confirm. Now go back to your desktop screen, and you’ll see the icons restored just like they were in previous versions of Windows.

Using the same process, you can remove any of the system icons whenever you like.
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