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How to Remove Plugins From Browsers by Using Free Wise Plugin Manager

Thursday, March 5, 2015

by Vivian

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Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome each follow for the use of plugins and add-ons, which are small applications that run inside their respective internet browsers and provide for additional functionality and features. This article contains information on how to remove a plugin from the three main browsers.
Wise Plugin Manager
Browser Plugin Managing Tool
Wise Plugin Manager is an efficient software used for turning on/off or deleting browser plugins. It is applicable to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

If you are encountering speed, upload, download, or various interface problems with box, it could be caused by plugin, or extension that you have installed in your browsers. To see if this is the case you can try disabling all plugins within your browser.

How to remove the plugins within my browsers? Wise Plugin Manager can help you to remove plugins within your browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. Give it a try now! 

How to remove the plugin from your browser? In this article, we will show you the easiest way to do that. 

Step 1: Download and install Wise Plugin Manager. After launching it to your computer, you will find its main interface.



Step 2: Please choose Google Chrome and click “Plugins”. If you want to remove the plugin from the browser, please click "blob.png".

If the browser is running. Please close it to continue.



Step 3: If you want to check or submit your review on the plugins, please choose "Details" and fill in your comment from here.



To sum up, Wise Plugin Manager reveals all the plugins and extensions installed in your web browsers, providing you with a fast way to enable/disable or remove them from your computer for good. Any questions please contact us by leaving a message.