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  • Accurate Schedule Manager & Reminder Tool
  • Manage your schedule & remind you anytime effectively for free!
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  • Wise Reminder is a delicate freeware to help manage your schedule as a memo and remind you anytime as a secretary. It’s easy to use and effective!
Why choose Wise Reminder?
Free of Charge

You’ve found a smart secretary here free-of-charge! Wise Reminder is one of the excellent freeware from WiseCleaner.com. Users can use it, update it and get technical support for it for free.

Easy-to-use Interface

Your plans are divided simply as “Unfinished” & “Completed”? So does Wise Reminder! The simple 2-department division makes your schedule distinct and easy to manage, therefore your business more effective.

Accurate & Effective

Every second costs? Right! You can see the Countdown dynamic status in every unfinished reminder item. It counts accurately in seconds and allows you get control of every second.

Flexible & User-friendly

Whether it’s just an errand, a daily routine, a weekly training class, a monthly report or an anniversary, Wise Reminder can remind you according to your settings: You order it to remind you daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, and it takes your words loyally. When the cute reminder clock shows up, you can choose to confirm it or delay it according to your status quo.

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