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User Reviews

Nick Worner
I used Wise Care 365 and Wise Registry Cleaner separately when I lived in Spain and found both excellent products!
Jens Peter Nielsen from Denmark:
Wise Care 365 comes out in every nook of the system if it is necessary to optimize one's PC. I can warmly recommend it to anyone who would like to get a bit of 'rocket fuel' poured on their computer. 5 stars out of 5 possible!

Media Reviews

CNET Media Reviews
New PCs often ship full of useless stuff, so running Wise Care 365 can reduce startup time and improve even a new PC's performance. Older PCs will benefit from a proper cleaning and tune-up. All PCs need regular cleaning and maintenance, and Wise Care 365 can provide it.
Makeuseof Media Reviews
You will find that the application can be effectively used to optimize your computer’s performance. You will find the various system fixing options in the left pane of the application.